How Email marketing is future for bloggers?

Email marketing for beginner

We are living in the era of the internet, email goes back to the inception of the internet. Most people think email marketing is dying but my personal experience differs. I was with the team who thinks that Email marketing is only for our ancestors but my perspective changed a …

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What is the scope of freelancing??


Do you want extra money on the side? Are you bored when everything is on lockdown? You are sitting bored tired of watching seasons, anime, and playing games. But there is nothing else to do and you really feel the urge to do something but what can you do? I …

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What is DDOS Attack??


Oh shit, I am trying to play a game or browsing this website but I am not getting any response. They should upgrade their server and network to handle this much request. Okay, calm down this happens you don’t have to defy the order of Captain America which is language …

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Coronavirus and Digitalization


So it is 2021, the human species have been through a pandemic. 2020 just passed in a blink of an eye and watching YouTube, reading blogs, scrolling through social media sites. Sitting in a home was new to almost everybody and the world has seen different things over time. To …

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Difference between 32 bits and 64 bits


Hello Earthlings! Now you are using 64-bit computational power it was the tedious road from 32 bits but who cares now. Okay, do you know what the heck is this bit system? In this article, we will explore more in-depth about this bit system and how this bit system is …

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Which motherboard you should buy?


We often hear CPUs are the brain of computers and they give life to your digital experience. But CPU is nothing without motherboard – it houses everything of your CPU component. In layman’s terms motherboard connects everything to everything. CPU sits on the motherboard which connects to a different component …

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Which one is the right CPU case for you?

PC cases

If you are a computer nerd like me or just a regular user, you have come across beautiful and aesthetic Pc cases that look really attractive and set the ambiance of your room. But this can become very confusing at an early stage, there are so many cases that come …

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