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Windows Vs Mac?? What is better for you?

So this is another comparison post. Before we talked about Windows Vs Linux and in this we going to settle the feud between Mac and Windows. In this digital age, almost every person has to choose between Ios or Android. Just Kidding! We are here for Windows and Mac, yes I know. This article will help you to get a clear view on what are the major differences between these two so you can choose better.

Mac and windows are different from each other in completely opposite directions. A window has a start-up menu on the bottom and Mac went completely different. Color scheme, files opening animation these small nitty-gritty looks aesthetic but I do not think they will change someone’s decision of purchasing either one. With windows, you have the option of a lot of modifications but with Mac, you are stuck with a classic display.


So Apple is like a strict teacher, they do not want users to change their device in any way. Mac has complete control over its software and hardware. Apple manufactures and sells its own hardware. Microsoft license windows to different manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and many more. But because of this, you can use windows with very customized accessories. Simply you will have much more control over your Windows device than the Mac device. In a nutshell, Apple has a lot of control over its products and Microsoft gives a wide variety of customization options to its user. If you are a hobbyist and like to explore the digital world at your own pace then a window is the right option for you.

Operating Service on the Surface

There are many differences between Mac and Windows for different professions like coders will find different differences than gamers or editors. But here in this segment we will try to analyze some visible changes there are between windows and mac. When we talk about aesthetics and design styles Mac really stands out here in this category. Windows give access to third party apps and those developer sometimes include their design style so windows do not enjoy the symmetric design across different software which Mac enjoys.

Windows have a taskbar that is on the bottom and the apple has a dock that is on the top of the screen. WIndows give file explorer and start-up menu to navigate through different installed apps. Whereas MacOS gives a simple search option its functionality is on point but not as feature-rich as windows. The window is known for the best gaming experience and this is because they gave access to a lot of developers who enhance the gaming experience for users.


When we talk about security Mac wins in this area. Because the weakness we have already discussed will become a strength for Mac. Because Apple does not give access to third-party apps so they have more control over their software and hardware. The window gives access to third-party apps openly so in other words, they are giving access to a lot of important and private data. If proper checks and balances are not kept then users can become victims of security attacks.

So in this article, we did not rank Mac and windows and which is the better operating system. rather you will find where and how these two popular operating systems are different. In the end, you have to look at what is better for you. If you are a hobbyist and want more control over your device then Windows is the best option for you. If you have minimal use then go for Mac.

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