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Which one is the right CPU case for you?

If you are a computer nerd like me or just a regular user, you have come across beautiful and aesthetic Pc cases that look really attractive and set the ambiance of your room. But this can become very confusing at an early stage, there are so many cases that come in different sizes and designs with different modifications. So in this article, I will try to explain different PC cases so you can pick the right Case for yourself.

While choosing Pc cases, you have to consider your requirements and for what purpose you are going to use the computer. When you know what type of processor you are going to use and how many RAMs and GPU slots you needed then you can make the right decision about the PC case. Factors that contribute most towards your selection of cases are motherboard type and GPU. Before even considering Pc Case you should have an idea about these elements so you can choose the perfect Pc Case for your set-up.

Mini Tower PC case

We are going to start from the smallest of the Pc case size which is Mini Tower. So if you start with the smallest Mini Tower then you have to be very careful about all other components you are going to use because there is not a lot of space there and components have to squeeze in the case. The reason behind choosing this case size is you do not have space in your room or apartment and this Mini tower fits right in everything. You don’t have a lot of cooling space and you have to use the cooling which comes with the tower. There will be space given for only 1 mid-size GPU. For the storage space, you are only limited to one 3.5 inches hard drive and one 2.5 inch SSD. If you look online then you can find some customized Mini towers which have a little positive effect on the overall spacing and with this addition, you can add one more GPU and CPU cooler up to 140mm.

Some Facts

  • One or two external base
  • 14-16 inch tall
  • Mostly 1 GPU
  • Hosts mATX motherboard

Mid Tower PC case

It is the most common PC case in the computer world. Most of its specification lies between Mini and full-size towers. It is designed in a way to satisfy almost all the needs of all the Pc cases. For the average PC gamer, this size can host almost all your needs like good cooling systems, GPUs, and full ATX motherboards. Many companies focus on this tower and because of competition, you can get a good Mid-tower at suitable prices. It comes with many expansion packs that can help to upgrade your system to the next level.

Some Facts

  • 17-21 inch tall
  • 3-4 expansion Packs
  • 6-8 hard drives
  • 2 GPU

Full Tower PC case

The name is self-explanatory — it is the biggest of all cases which can house almost every component you want to upgrade your setup. You can install multiple cooling fans, a full-size graphics card, and also a full-size motherboard. With a full tower, you would not worry about how much storage you can arrange or you want the fastest GPU.

Some Facts

  • 22 – 27 inch tall
  • 5 or more external expansion bays
  • Support Full size ATX mother board
  • Better Cooling

The above mentioned are more regular PC cases, they are being used almost all the time. But there are some lesser-known versions of PC cases, and those are only used by hardcore computer nerds for their own particular reasons. These are super Tower, MOD tower, Desktop, and Small Form Factor. These are the main Pc cases and I think this would help you to find your own perfect computer. Pc computer case mainly depends on the motherboard sizes.

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