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What is the scope of freelancing??

Do you want extra money on the side? Are you bored when everything is on lockdown? You are sitting bored tired of watching seasons, anime, and playing games. But there is nothing else to do and you really feel the urge to do something but what can you do? I am sure you have come across the term freelancing but what actually it is? Can you really take this freelancing as your career and what is the reality behind this? In this article, I will discuss my journey of freelancing and then will show you how you should or should not do freelancing. I hope this article will help you to decide what you really want to do.

My journey of freelancing

Why did I started freelancing?

If truth be told, I always have this hunch that I have to do something. I am wasting my life and there should be something I should do. 2 years ago when I was in my first year of university and as a nerd I did not have any social circle, friends, and hobbies. Who am I? Social Pariah? So obvious thing was browsing on the internet and try to fit in the society. As distant from everything and everyone, I tried to direct my life to learn skills and it was only to pass time. But with passing time my skills got improved. On YouTube, I found many people who are productive gurus and they explained a lot of productive tips so you can optimize your life and can do something serious. In this way, I learned a lot and how to discipline myself. More likely next step is monetizing what you have learned.

What steps I took?

Majorly you should have something to show for then people will come to you. Every person has some skills that distinguish him from the herd. At the start, this looks so daunting how am I different than others or everybody is better than me. You can’t find your cup of tea just by looking at the wall and thinking. You have to do something just pursue one skill if you love it that’s good if it does not match your passion it’s okay it happens to everybody. Your favorite YouTuber did not find their niche on the first go and neither did I found my passion in an instant. These things take time and eventually, you will find something which you will like. So I tried film editing, I took adobe premiere, photoshop, illustrator, and animator lectures. I really liked these skills and they helped me to see the perspective from a digital point of view. I also worked on my communication skills and writing skills as these skills are very important for any person not only for those who are looking for side hustles. I love coding and programming. You can literally turn your fantasies into reality. In today’s world coding is the pixie dust and I can’t force you enough to try this skill. In a nutshell, my main skills are coding & programming, digitalization, and content creation. Recently I have started taking the investment course and trying my luck in the stock market. So let’s see where this bull will go.

Impact of this on me

Earning, income and wealth is a substantial motivation to anyone. In our capitalistic world, these things attract us but there are more and better rewards for doing this all. You would not earn anything in your first month and there will be strong times where you will feel exhausted and depressed. You will often question yourself why are you doing this or is this really going to make a dent in reality? Forget money and your destiny for a moment then realize what you have accomplished. Maybe these skills are not generating enough for you now but you are learning very important things in your life. These skills will help you in your later life. The most important thing to learn from this is that the feeling of guilt you have of wasting your life will be less. It would not diminish altogether but help you to enjoy the small happiness of your life. This small happiness helps persons to develop their personality.

Skills you can explore

There are many skills you can invest your time considering your interest and background. First of all, you should decide from where to start your side hustle. Have a clear mindset. Do not get influenced by that productivity guru circus mill, do it for yourself. Picking a skill to work on is important not to mention but which skill will be the question that is daunting. There is the concept of finding the right skill for you by making a Venn diagram of your interest and future prospects. The common region will be the best suitable skill you should go for. Look for most of the people it is a hit and try a method that works best. You will learn some important things over the process. So just pick a skill and start learning about that. There are tons of materials available on the internet for free and you will find them very helpful. Within a week of practicing any skill, you will have confidence. These are soft skills and in two and three months you will have an intermediate skill level and then you can go on to monetizing your skill.

How to take first step in freelancing

Now you have learned the skills you are interested in and looking to find the work. Many beginners go for the freelancer, Upwork, and other sites which helps you to find the work. But making profiles and finding gigs on these sites is difficult because already established freelancers will take the most of the work. I am not saying you should not try your luck there but a freelancing profile will take time to be optimized and then it will rank in their database.

The initial approach should be finding work related to your skill in your family and friends. This will help you to make the portfolio and then you can exhibit these skills to establish your reputation on these freelance sites. But let me tell you there is no single way to get to the top. Everyone tries their own method they search their own way and then find the destiny. However, you should be ready to enjoy the journey more than destiny. If you are not enjoying the journey that what is the point of having this conversation.

Mostly I post tech-related articles on this site but this article is personal to me which projects my journey of freelancing. I hope this article will give you insight into this journey and will help you to decide better for yourself. The last thing I want to say is there is no downside to this and if you don’t earn money or everything goes to waste still you have learned a valuable skill which helps you in the future. Just get out of your comfort zone and you will really feel proud of your self.

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