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What is DDOS Attack??

Oh shit, I am trying to play a game or browsing this website but I am not getting any response. They should upgrade their server and network to handle this much request. Okay, calm down this happens you don’t have to defy the order of Captain America which is language please. So coming to our slow network response problem, it might be a DDOS attack.

DDOS attack refers to the distributed denial of service attacks. In layman’s terms, it means if you are trying to access a certain digital address you would not be able to find that because there is so much crown there. Because of this crowd computer can’t find the deserving person to let them access those addresses. DDOS attack overwhelms the network with so many requests that the network can’t distinguish between the right request or an attack. So the server can not proceed you to the network and you get stuck. This traffic for DDOS attacks can be incoming messages, fake information packets, or requests for connection.

These DDOS attacks are carried by jealous gamers, hackers, cybercriminals. Not now but in the early times of the internet, nerds who want to make their name in the digital world often use these attacks. Sometimes gamers are jealous of your gameplay and they want revenge so on a small scale they can target your computer setup so you can’t access the internet or lag in the game to frustrate you.

How DDOS attack works?

Simply DDOS attack is flooding the stream so nobody can access what they want. When this traffic becomes too much for a certain network, website or server then they stop working or also get slow drastically. This DDOS attack can be achieved either by botnets and traffic flow.

Botnets are a classic way for this attack. In this many computers get hacked and turned into zombie networks and then these computers are used to target networks. Many computers are associated together to so traffic can be huge disturb the flow of target. The advanced way of this attack is the millions of devices is the internet of things that can be used to make the zombie network.

How to protect from DDOS attack??

Defending yourself from a DDOS attack is necessary and you have to be careful when it comes to this. When you feel a DDOS attack is happening, you should notify the ISP provider so they can reroute the traffic. You can also configure firewalls and routers to defend your network. You can also secure your network by using strong anti-virus.

For simple DDOS attacks, you can also use the command prompt. You can read our command prompt guide.

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