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What is better for you HDD Vs SSD?

When did you have a storage problem last time? If you are a computer junkie like me who loves to store everything movies, songs, software, and yes games which in some cases takes 100 GBS then you must have encountered this hard drive and solid-state storage problems that are best for you and your pc. Where you should compromise on performance and price. The ancient technology of storage where only one song can be stored in refrigerator size drive. Now humanity has accomplished a lot in the information age. Solid-state is a new addition to the storage world and we can store a lot of data and can retrieve that instantly when needed. If you are looking for a new storage device this article can help you or look for your pc care this blog is all dedicated to it.

The solid-state drive has no moving parts, unlike the hard drive. So the size of the solid-state drive can be compressed as much as companies want. Information is stored in an electrical circuit and bits and controllers can retrieve information instantly when needed. The hard drive is different from solid-state in shape and physical capacity. It has a moving dist that stores data magnetically and has an arm to retrieve that data. Because of this retrieving information from this is difficult.


Difference between SSD Vs HDD

Apart from physical differences solid-state and hard-drive are very different in their composition and functions. First of all, solid-state is non-mechanical and that’s why it takes less power. This is more suitable for laptops because it will increase their battery life. Also, if your laptop falls from height your storage device will be fine because it does not have any mechanical parts. So for reliability solid-state wins.

For safe storage solid-state is also better than a hard drive. It also involves the non-mechanical nature of solid-state. Because a hard drive has a magnet and revolving disk it creates vibration and that vibration has a negative effect on the information is stored. So the solid-state drive will safely keep your information for a much longer time.

Solid-state is new technology and it will take time to gain the market share. Also, solid-state is limited and can store very limited information compared to the hard drives. The minimum information that can be stored on a Solid-state drive is 120 Gb and the maximum information that can be stored is 4 tb for individual purposes. However, the hard drive range of the information store is from 256 gb to 14 tb that is a huge difference between solid-state and hard drive. So hard drive wins this round.

solid state


When we talk about the performance of storage devices it is different for everyone and their computer functionalities. In this world, we have to compromise on either performance or storage. if you are a hardcore gamer and loves to compete with your friends then solid-state is your answer. Games have assets, skins, and graphics which need to be retrieved from storage drives. In usual cases, time to load can be decreased by 30 seconds by using solid-state drives. The best thing for gamers. If you are normal computer users who do not need this much efficiency but have to store a large amount of data then a hard drive is the best way to go because you have to option to store a lot of data.

Solid-state drive can help your computer to wake up quickly. This saves your time and this saved time can be up to 1 minute. No doubt solid-state is best way to go but on something you have to compromise that really depends on you.


As I mentioned before solid-state is new in the market and new technologies are expensive. The same goes for solid-state drives. The ratio of price to performance is very high for solid-state as compared to hard drives. Hard drives are cheap and widely available in a lot of storage. Price is an important factor for many computer users. so in this price round hard drive wins.

Future of storage

Solid-state just got introduced in the market but we do not know the future of storage devices. As everything is going online and clouds are getting famous maybe we do not see the peak of solid-state and goes to the cloud directly. But usage of the cloud depends on so many factors. Cloud is dependent on the internet and we can not access it offline so it means cloud can not be used entirely. The cost of using the cloud is much higher than offline storage devices.


Finalizing the debate on storage device and answer is it really depends on you and your usage. You have to define parameter of your functionality before choosing any storage device.

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