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Excel shortcuts for finance work (Part 2)

This is the second part of the series of excel shortcuts. You can find basic excel shortcuts that will you to improve your productivity.

Paste special Shortcuts

For windowsFor MacFunctions
Ctrl+Alt+V+tCtrl+Cmd+V+tPaste special functions
Ctrl+Alt+V+vCtrl+Cmd+V+vPaste Special Values
Ctrl+Alt+V+fCtrl+Cmd+V+fPaste special formulas
Ctrl+Alt+V+cCtrl+Cmd+V+cPaste special comments

Clear Shortcuts

For windowsFor MacFunctions
DeleteDeleteClear cell data
Alt+h+e+fnoneClear cell formats
Alt+h+e+mnoneClear cell comments
Alt+h+e+anoneClear all

Selection Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
Shift+arrowsShift+arrowsSelect a cell range
Ctrl+Shift+ArrowsCtrl+shift+arrowsHighlight a contagious range
Shift+page upFn+shift+UpExtend selection up one screen
Shift+page downFn+shift+downExtend selection down one screen
Alt+Shift+page upFn+Shift+Cmd+UpExtend selection left one screen
Alt+Shift+page downFn+Shift+Cmd+DownExtend selection right one screen
Ctrl+ACmd+ASelect all

Data editing Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
Ctrl+DCtrl+DFill down from cell above
Ctrl+RCtrl+RFill right from cell left
Ctrl+FCtrl+FFind and replace
F5+Alt+s+ononeShow all constants
F5+Alt+s+cnoneHighlight cell with comments

Data editing (Inside cell) Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
F2F2Edit the active cell
F2F2while editing cell allow use of arrow keys to create reference
EnterEnterConfirm change and get out of cell
EscEscCancel a cell entry
Alt+EnterOption+EnterInsert line break within cell
Shift+Left/RightShift+Left/RightHighlight within a cell
Ctrl+Shift+Left/RightCtrl+Shift+Left/RightHighlight contagious cell
HomeFn+LeftJump to beginning of cell
EndFn+rightJump to end of cell
BackspaceDeleteDelete character to left
DeleteFn+DeleteDelete character to right
TabTabAccept autocomplete suggestion
Ctrl+page up/down+arrowsCtrl+Fn+page up/down+arrowsReferencing a cell from another worksheet

Other Shortcuts

For windowsFor MacFunctions
Ctrl+;Ctrl+;Enter Date
Ctrl+:Ctrl+:Enter time
Ctrl+`Ctrl+`Show formula
Ctrl+]Ctrl+]Select cells which refer to the active cell
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I hope this guide will help you and you can speed up your task. Check our other keyboard shortcuts to expand your horizon.

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