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Excel Shortcuts for finance work (Part 1)

Excel is one of the most used software for bankers and people who work in the finance industry. They use excel all day and for many finance-related jobs, they required you to use excel without a mouse. It really increases productivity if you use excel keyboard shortcuts.

Table of Contents

Excel Editing Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
F2Ctrl+UEdit Active cell
Alt+E+SCmd+Shift+VPaste Special
F4Cmd+TToggle reference
Alt+EnterCtrl+Option+ReturnStart a new line with same cell
Shift+F2Shift+F2Insert or edit cell comment
Shift+F10Shift+F10Display Shortcut menu
Shift+F11Shift+F11Insert worksheet
Ctrl+F3Ctrl+F3Define a name for a cell
Crtl+DCtrl+DFill Down
Ctrl+RCtrl+RFill right
Ctrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+AInsert argument name and parenthesis for a function
Alt+I+RCtrl+IInsert row
Alt+I+CCtrl+IInsert Column

Excel Formatting Shortcut

For WindowsFor MacFunction
Ctrl+1Cmd+1Brings up format cells menu
Ctrl+YCmd+YRepeat last action
Ctrl+ACmd+ASelect all used cells
Ctrl+Shift+!Ctrl+Shift+!Number Format
Ctrl+Shift+#Ctrl+Shift+#Date Format
Ctrl+Shift+%Ctrl+Shift+%Percent format
Alt+h+fgCmd+Shift+>Increase font size
Alt+h+fkCmd+Shift+<Decrease font size
Alt+hnoneIncrease decimal
Alt+h+9noneDecrease decimal
Alt+h+6Ctrl+MIncrease indent
Alt+h+5Cmd+Shift+MDecrease indent

Excel File Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
Ctrl+SCmdSave workbook
Ctrl+F2noneOpen print preview window
Ctrl+TabCmd+.Go to next workbook
Ctrl+F4Cmd+WClose file
Alt+F4Cmd+QClose all open excel files

Excel Ribbon Shortcuts

For WindowsFor MacFunctions
AltnoneShow ribbon accelerator keys
Ctrl+F1Cmd+RShow/hide ribbon

Hey so this is part 1 of excel shortcuts and there will be a second part so wait for it. I hope this article will help you with your productivity. If you to be more productive here is my other keyboard shortcuts article and read them, please.

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