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Difference between Linux vs Windows operating system

There are three main operating systems in the world. When you are building a computer, you have the option between two operating systems is windows and Linux. These are two completely different operating systems and selecting this operating system carefully will decide your digital experience. Before selecting any operating system you should have proper facts and this article will help you to see the difference.

Linux is free and open software that is designed in a very dynamic environment and gives more control to users than windows. It is far more efficient and secured than the windows system. But windows also has its pros like window is more user-friendly and non-tech people can use windows easily. Its original source is inaccessible.


No doubt here, windows is very famous and more than 90% of computer users are using windows operating system. Windows has advantage over Linux because of its user friendly environment. People who do not have technical skills of computer programming. Also Microsoft is a brand name and they have arrangements with so many PC vendors so they pre-installed windows but now focus is being shifting to Linux.

File System

Saving files are a very different strategy in windows and Linux. In windows, you have different directory system where you can save different type of files and you can have a system which suits you best. But in Linux, it is one big file where you save all files and it looks like one big tree diagram. Every associated device is also a file like USB is one file and the mouse is another.


Windows is widely used and because of it hackers and spammers target window lot more than the Linux. At some point of every window version it faced security threats. Microsoft often releases security updates to combat with the threat of virus. If window is not updated regularly than users can face the wrath of blue screen of death.

On the other hand Linux faces less security threats. Linux is open software and maintained by many programmers so if there is any problem then it can solved in less time than windows.


Windows wins here because of the windows system every software is compatible with it even the oldest and obsolete software too. Linus is still new and developers have not started making exclusive software for this. Many software is a novelty for windows.

Ease of Use

Linux has advanced so much in recent years. Linux distributions make usability for everyone and every distribution is meant for some specific purposes. But still, Linux has considered for tech-savvy people, and for normal users windows is the best choice.

Linux vs Windows: Privacy

Linux prefers the security and privacy of users. You can modify the Linux system to your own choice or can include built-in military-grade encryption. So using Linux you can totally trust the system with your privacy. But on the other hand, windows is not that reliable when it comes to the security and privacy of users.

Linux vs Windows: Which should you use?

For normal household users who mainly use a computer for light office work and multimedia, they should go for windows. It is more user friendly and many software are compatible with windows. So you should go with windows. The next category of computer users is gamers. YES, GAMERS! if you are a hardcore gamer and spend most of the time playing games then you should also go for windows. Because windows are more compatible with different gaming software. So windows win in this gaming category too. For programmers and computer science, students who are in this computer side will prefer Linux over windows. Because the Linux environment is more suitable for programmers, every programming language is designed for Linux software. In this domain, Linux wins over windows with margins.

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