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Deep Web & Dark Web

What is deep web and dark web? There are many mysteries and conspiracies related to this. There are many atrocious acts are happening all over the dark web and any decent man does not concern himself with this. But if you are a geek like me you would have internet curiosity about these things. Worry not I will explain in this about the dark web.

There are rumors that anything you want that is not available on mighty Google you will find there. the internet you explore through Google and other search engines that is very surface level. Hidden databases of almost everything and information about everyone is available on the internet.

There is a difference between the deep web and the dark web. The deep web has information about the big companies and corporations and their data. Lots of data regarding Medical records, legal records, Scientific reports, Journalist findings, and personalized websites for some specific users.

deep web dark web

So you can see through this classic picture how the surface web is different through the deep and dark web. Many people confuse the deep web with the dark web but there can be slight similarities but there are very different. The deep web is compromised on the website and things on the internet that are not indexed. Whereas the dark web is related to illegal information and private communication which can only be accessed to certain security procedures.

What is Deep Web??

Like I have mentioned before there is a vast difference between surface web with deep web and dark web. Remove all that jargon and I tell you directly what is the deep web. If you want to search about apple and you type on google. You will find relevant information about apple from very different websites. But these web addresses are indexed with google. It is like google has permission to access these websites. But some websites want to keep their data private and do not make them public. That private data comes under the deep web. This deep web can be of the medical record, legal proceedings, corporate strategies, and meeting notes. You can access this data if you know the address of the website and allowed to have access.

What is Dark Web??

The deep web is made up of non-indexed sites that’s why can not be accessed by search engines. Although the dark web wants to remain hidden and they have a completely different system. To access the dark web you need a special encrypted search engine that will hide your IP address along with what type of information you want to access. For this, you will need a special search engine known as TOR. It takes the help of a lot of servers around the world to perform its task and hide your identity. The information you have asked for will revolve around the world and every server will know information about where to pass that data. In short, you will be safe and your identity remains hidden.

Using these deep web and dark web is not illegal. This totally depends on you how you use it. The deep web remains moral but the use of the dark web can raise some questions. But dark web can be used for the right purpose like human rights activist can hide their identity. People who are under tyranny can find their safe haven. It totally depends on you.

This is a little information piece. You can let me know in the comment section how did you find this article. If you want me to cover some special tech-related topic you can let me know.

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