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Coronavirus and Digitalization

So it is 2021, the human species have been through a pandemic. 2020 just passed in a blink of an eye and watching YouTube, reading blogs, scrolling through social media sites. Sitting in a home was new to almost everybody and the world has seen different things over time. To what extinct this pandemic has disturbed the regular cycle of the world is debatable and it will take time to know its atrocities.

Today we are going to see from the perspective of digitalization and from the eye of computers. This field really boomed during a pandemic and it is safe to say because of the pandemic. People watch time increased drastically and which led developers to create different functionalities to keep the engagement of people. Different applications have been introduced and online content which can glue people to the screen. Because of this newfound interest, developers have to think outside of the box. The only silver lining of the pandemic is a motivator behind the innovation in the field of computer science.

When lockdown initiated back in March 2020, everyone confined to homes. There were no activity and nothing to do. The major demographic, students and young people, did have anything to do. It is in human nature nobody can sit bored they want to do something. This boredom shaped the digital world, many people found new hobbies and started freelance work so they can earn money on the side. In these hard times, freelancing helps not only economies but also refined the skills of people. New skills and new business also grew, especially in developing countries. Because of the exchange rate, incentives for people from the developing country were substantial and these people are the real force behind turning the wheel of an economy.

Social Media sites saw a real surge in their uses. A person has nothing to do, they just circulated between applications. When this much consumption has been increased it was obvious content creators will give their full to keep users on their profiles. This incentive was so strong that the content which was produce during this time has increased exponentially. Content creators tried their best to monetize their new success which they did marvelously.

Big companies like Google, Facebook and other tech companies have introduced lot of functions which grabbed the attention of the users so they can spend lot more time on screens. Everyone stuck to screens started using these functions which translates to more profits.

Yes, coronavirus was very devastating not only to the economy but also to culture and disrupted life as we know. But there was a silver lining, people learned that skills are important than fancy degrees. Diversification is important not only for your investments but also for skills. In this fast world if you know only one thing then your survival is difficult.

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