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Computer tips and tricks for fun (Part 1)

This article is about different tips and tricks that will help you to enhance your computer experience greatly. You can impress your crush with these tricks too. But on a serious note use these tips wisely and follow all steps don’t miss anything. We have other these command prompt tips and tricks to visit them please will help you a lot.

Security Enhancements

Who does not like a fully secured computer which stands strong against viruses? You do not have to buy expensive anti-virus software for that. Follow these steps and it will secure your computer.

  1. Check windows update regularly. You can update your computer manually and automatically. For your comfort, people at Microsoft set a scheduled timer for an update if you are opt-out for that. For manual updates please visit the Microsoft website.
  2. You can install a personal firewall. Having the idea of having your own firewall gives goosebumps. right?? Say no more now you can have your own firewall to defend those evil hackers.
  3. The third tip is you can install a spyware blocker. This type of software will help you to block the viruses and trojan scripts that can normally harm your computer.
  4. Next is to use a strong password and keep the length of the password at least 8 letters. Try to include small and capital letters along with symbols and numbers. The longer password is more secure as it takes a computer or any password cracker a long time to crack with a lot of variation.
  5. Don’t rely on the free version of antivirus software they are nothing just hokum. If you like privacy or do not want any trouble while presenting it to your boss then buy the software.
  6. If you are connected to a wireless network then try to secure your device as much as you can. Use MAC filtering and turn off SSID broadcast. For more security use even the biggest WEP key you can get.
  7. Be skeptical of things available on the internet. Don’t assume everything you find on the internet is your friend. You will find the foes where you did not even expect.

These were 7 security hacks to keep your devices more secure. Follow these religiously you would not get in any trouble.

5 Reasons why PC crashes??

One other problem we computer user find so annoying and it is so persistent to disturb us and that is computer crash. Everything, all the data, just get erased and which put us in so disturbing situation. Well, we humans did not get so upgraded so we end computer crash from its existence we have to face this problem. But we can explore the reasons behind this crash so we can be more careful and less the probability of computer crash.

  1. Hardware Conflict: Most of the time this is the reason behind computer crashes when the hardware is conflicting. Every hardware device gets IRQ which is an interrupt request channel and it is unique for every device. But because of any problem, the same IRQ number gets to two devices and they are sending messages on the same line to the CPU then it creates conflict between the hardware which crashes the computer.
  2. Bad RAM: Sometimes it happens we use two different types of RAM in our setup. Like using 70ms RAM with 60ms RAM so computer normally shifted to slower RAM when it is working too fast or doing a lot of task on slower RAM then it crashes to prevent further damage.
  3. BIOS Setting: It is the basics of a computer and these settings are fixed in the factory on motherboard chipsets. Once you are in BIOS settings take great care before doing anything so if it causes a problem then settings can be reverted back.
  4. Hard disk drives: After some time your stored files get fragmented and they start to cause a problem for the CPU. It is a good idea to defragment your virtual saving devices so they will not cause any problem.
  5. Fatal OE exceptions: Often these problems are caused by Video card problems. These problems can be reduced by lowering the resolution of the graphic driver or else you can also update your graphic card driver so they don’t cause an anomaly.

This is the first part of computer tips and tricks. You can check our other tricks and tips. I hope you like these tips and it will improve your computer user experience.

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