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What is DDOS Attack??


Oh shit, I am trying to play a game or browsing this website but I am not getting any response. They should upgrade their server and network to handle this much request. Okay, calm down this happens you don’t have to defy the order of Captain America which is language …

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What to Consider When Choosing Office 365 Backup

Though Microsoft Office 365 provides great security features, data loss still happens. Having a backup is one of the best ways to avoid it and preserve your information. There are various cloud backup providers: Backupify, Veeam, SpinOne, and many others. How to choose the correct one for you and your …

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How to use Tracert command complete guide

Tracert Command

Tracert command is one of the most used commands. It serves different purposes and commands prompt tutorial would not complete without tracert command. In this guide, you will learn the usage, options, and tracert command in action. Tracert command is an advanced form of Ping command. How does Tracert Command …

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How to use Ping Command

How to use ping command

What is Ping Ping is a very simple but effective command. Having this command in your arsenal will be very helpful. You can use a ping command for checking your internet connection to a specific website. Also, how much it takes time to connect to the server. As you can …

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8 Networking Commands of Command Prompt

Since the beginning of windows, people at Microsoft are focused on a more user-friendly layout that’s why we have settings and control panel. If you want more control or you are an advanced user you should give a try to command prompt (cmd). We have a guide on the basics …

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15 Basic commands of Command Prompt

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Command Prompt(CMD) has always been an integral part of windows with its classic black and white interface. CMD works with commands and there are simple and easy commands which can navigate and do repetitive tasks in a more elegant way. With the graphical user interface, fewer people are using command …

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