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Difference between 32 bits and 64 bits


Hello Earthlings! Now you are using 64-bit computational power it was the tedious road from 32 bits but who cares now. Okay, do you know what the heck is this bit system? In this article, we will explore more in-depth about this bit system and how this bit system is …

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Which motherboard you should buy?


We often hear CPUs are the brain of computers and they give life to your digital experience. But CPU is nothing without motherboard – it houses everything of your CPU component. In layman’s terms motherboard connects everything to everything. CPU sits on the motherboard which connects to a different component …

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Which one is the right CPU case for you?

PC cases

If you are a computer nerd like me or just a regular user, you have come across beautiful and aesthetic Pc cases that look really attractive and set the ambiance of your room. But this can become very confusing at an early stage, there are so many cases that come …

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Windows Vs Mac?? What is better for you?

Window Vs Mac

So this is another comparison post. Before we talked about Windows Vs Linux and in this we going to settle the feud between Mac and Windows. In this digital age, almost every person has to choose between Ios or Android. Just Kidding! We are here for Windows and Mac, yes …

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What is Tor and its history?


Who does not like privacy in this information age where all of your information is publicly available? Hackers, governments, and your boss who is keeping an eye on your digital movement so you do not cheat him. If you have the right intentions there is the right way to cover …

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Difference between CPU and GPU


Lately, we have been hearing more and more about GPUs. Now they are becoming an integral part of laptops and computers to enhance user’s experience. But this debate has risen to a level where there is high talk to replace CPU with GPU. Can they really replace entirely is a …

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Deep Web & Dark Web

deep web

What is deep web and dark web? There are many mysteries and conspiracies related to this. There are many atrocious acts are happening all over the dark web and any decent man does not concern himself with this. But if you are a geek like me you would have internet …

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How a computer works??


We millennials are first generation to enter in this digital world and computers are first step to enter in this world. Who doesn’t think to own full powered computer which can meet your speed and looks aesthetically good. Now here you have 3 options while buying computer – company made, …

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