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Accessories for a laptop that will make your life easier

Laptops are portable machines that help you to do work and do not bound you to your desk. Laptops are revolutionary in the digital world and nowadays you can do almost everything. You can edit videos, trade, study and almost everything which you can do on your computers. There are different accessories that are used with laptops so your experience can be enhanced.

So in this article, I will list down some of the accessories I use to enhance my productivity. These are very budget-friendly gadgets that will help you to increase your workflow. In this article, I will mention about laptop stand, analog clock, mouse, and keyboard along with a portable hard drive. These things together help me not to stress about little things and make my workflow smooth.

Laptop Stand

If you use a laptop for work purposes like me then this is the most helpful gadget that you have. A laptop stand is a small table with a lot of small incentives. It will have a cup stand, a small drawer where you can keep your notes. You can adjust this table in many angles which suit best you. If you are working while you are sitting you can adjust the table in an upright manner. If you are laying down then you can elevate the table to a point where you are comfortable working. Ergonomics is very important and otherwise, you will face back pain. So it is necessary for you to keep an eye on your posture. A laptop stand will also help you mentally to work. Whenever you will use this you know it’s time to do work. So this unconditioned stimulus will help you to improve your productivity.

Analog Clock

No, I am not living in medieval times. We have revolutionized almost every aspect of our life. Digitalization has become a big part of our life. But once in a while, we realize somethings should not be changed. My sentiments are the same for the analog clock. Without punctuality, you can’t achieve anything. To exercise a disciplined life, a clock is important. Now we have more clocks but less time. Digital clocks distract us usually. We want to do one thing and then do anything else. Going through different social media applications is wasting so much of our time. If you have realized the importance of time commodity then you can do anything in this world. So keeping an analog clock all the time on my desk. It helps me to see how much I am wasting time.

Mouse & Keyboard

Yes, we all get a mouse and keyboard attached to our laptops. The quality of these things is debatable but I have a different reason for using them apart from their quality. With an external mouse and keyboard, you get certain mobility with these things. Once again your posture is very uncomfortable when you hold the laptop very close to you that is hazardous for your health. Your eyes will strain and then your back will ache. Along with these health problems, your productivity will also affect. So keeping these external devices will help you to improve productivity and your health.

External Hard drive

How many times we sighed just because we have storage problem in our laptops. It’s not so easy with laptops to upgrade their storage capacity naturally as we can do with our computers. So having an external hard drive is a blessing. You can upgrade your storage capacity and also can bring it anywhere. This a one of must thing that should be in your laptop back pack.

These things I used consistently with my laptop and they help my productivity a lot. I believe these accessories will help you to increase your productivity too. Do let me know in comments you like posts like these or not.

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